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Parking & Transportation FAQs


How much does it cost to park?

ABE has 2 parking options: Long-term and Short-term parking. Please refer to our website at

Where do I go to for the American bus to Philadelphia or the United bus to Newark?

First, check in at the airline ticket counter located on the 2nd Level of the Main Terminal. Then, proceed to the Multi-Modal Transportation Center (MTC) on the Lower Level to get on the bus.

Does ABE provide shuttle service?

Yes. ABE does offer shuttle van service to/from your car and the Main Terminal building. The shuttle van is available on a limited basis during peak days and times.

What happens if the lots are full?

ABE has an Overflow Parking Lot that would be open if the Short-term and Long-term lots are full. The Overflow parking rate is the same as the Long-term parking rate.

Do I need to pre-pay or reserve parking?

No. You do not need to pre-pay or reserve a parking space.

Where do I pick up a rideshare?

Uber and Lyft are available for pickup on the 2nd level of the Main Terminal near the Allegiant drop-off area.

Where can I park to wait for an arriving passenger?

ABE offers a Cell Phone Parking Area for drivers to wait at for arriving passengers.

Is there an area to charge my electric car? What charging system do you have?

Yes, the charging stations are located in our short-term parking lot. The systems that we have at ABE are Duel Point CT4000 Level 2 Commercial Charging Stations.


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