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Fly Local

Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE) is an essential strategic economic asset for the Greater Lehigh Valley.

Air service is a critical element that must be integrated into regional economic development discussions.

The Elements of Fly Local Travel Pledge are

When using air travel, the traveler will explore the option of using the Lehigh Valley International
Airport (ABE). If a flight from ABE is available within four (4) hours of travel time each way from
flights available at competing airports, and if the cost of the ABE flight is within
$200 of the lowest priced tickets at a competing airport, the traveler will be required to use ABE.

Read more about why to fly local with ABE.

Airlines add flights where passengers board flights!

** The company is encouraged to also require vendors and/or suppliers utilizing air travel into the Lehigh Valley to follow these guidelines. **

Take the Pledge to Fly Local, Lehigh Valley!

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By Flying Local You Will

  • Help retain current air service at ABE
  • Create demand for new air service at ABE
  • Support our business community and help propel the regional economy to new heights

Read more about the importance of choosing to fly local.


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