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A New Blueprint for ABE Page Hero Image

A New Blueprint for ABE

A New Blueprint for ABE

January 3, 2022

Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority (LNAA) completes Master Plan Update

(Hanover Township, PA) – The Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority (LNAA) has announced the completion of a Master Plan Update for Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE).  Documents are available on the ABE website:

Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Master Plan Update outlines a

25-year development plan and program that maintains a safe, efficient, financially sound, and sustainable airport facility.

“This multi-year effort by our organization wouldn’t have been successful without the commitment of the project advisory group which included representatives from local government, as well as Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation, Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, other airport stakeholders along with input from community members,” said Thomas R. Stoudt, Executive Director, LNAA.

Last updated in 2004, this Master Plan Update creates a blueprint that identifies airport development projects necessary to ensure ABE can achieve its mission to grow and develop in an innovative, agile, and competitive manner.  Accordingly, the Plan preserves flexibility for ABE to continue to adapt to changing industry conditions while ensuring the Airport maintains financial sustainability as an important regional economic engine.

“The Master Plan data further solidified the need to begin construction of the Terminal Connector / Security Checkpoint at ABE in order to meet current and future passenger traffic demand in our region,” said Ryan Meyer, Director of Planning & Programming.

Forecasts of passenger traffic and aircraft operations dictate the timing of proposed development to meet demand and maintain the required level of service for ABE in the future.

Two (2) public workshops were held throughout the process which provided the community an opportunity to review and comment on both the Master Plan data and the approach to future development.

“While the development of a master plan is a detailed and lengthy process, the hard work culminated with a new airport layout plan that provides LNAA staff the necessary development concepts to be implemented as demand or other indicators warrant.  Some of the improvements identified in this Master Plan Update are already underway,” said Marc Champigny, Service Group Manager/Aviation Planning, C&S Engineers, Inc.