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Media Policy

Below please find information on our various media policies.

Board of Governors Meetings

LNAA Public Information Officer will contact media outlets (1) day before schedule meeting with agenda.

LNAA’s Public Information Officer will provide assigned seating for the media in a designated area.

All media interviews will take place directly following Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority Board of Governors meetings.

Media will be escorted to the “Flight Deck” conference room for
interviews with requested LNAA leadership or Board of Governors.

Media is required to notify the Public Information Officer in the event that an interview is desired. Requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis.

Media is required to notify Public Information Officer of topics for interview.

In the event of an executive session, no media interviews will be granted prior to the session.

Public Information Department


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for media access to airport facilities at Lehigh Valley International Airport, Queen City Municipal Airport and Braden Airpark.


The following policy will be enforced for media access and activities at all (3) airports operated by the Lehigh Northampton Airport Authority.

Public Information / Communications office hours are Monday thru Friday, from 7:30am to 5:00pm. The Public Information Officer (PIO) will respond to inquiries as available.


This policy is distributed to all Airport Authority Departments, all airlines, tenants, concessions, Customs, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and contractors.  It is also available on the Lehigh Valley International Airport website at

After business hours, weekends and holidays, call (484) 707-1358. The Public Information Officer is on-call (24/7) and available when necessary. The Airport Communications Center has the ability to contact the PIO and during emergencies at (484) 707-1358.

Public Information Officer will notify the media in advance of Lehigh Northampton Airport Authority news via press conferences, public hearings, LNAA community service programs, new air service, etc.

Notifications will be made using the following: email, telephone, press release, media advisory and social media.

In accordance with Resolution #5058, Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority approves that the Chairman of the Board of Governors, the Executive Director and his/her respective designee, and the Authority’s Public Information Officer, are hereby designated as the authorized representative and point of contact of the Authority with respect to making and receiving all written or oral communication with Third Parties including without limitation communications relating to the Authority, its Airports and its business.

Media Access

Public areas of terminal buildings, parking facilities and grounds are open to the public and to the news media unless restrictions become necessary for safety, operational or emergency reasons.

The media may gather print and / or electronic images in publicly accessible areas. However, contact must be made prior to arrival at any airports in the LNAA system.

When conducting interviews, media personnel must wear proper press credentials displayed so it is visible and all equipment must be clearly marked.

Live Broadcasts

The Airport Authority has designated locations where newsgathering equipment for live broadcasts may be set up and operated.  No cables or wires may be run through the public doorway or across any pathway which might be used by the public. No cable or wires may be draped above or between the various levels of the terminal buildings.

Leased Spaces

Spaces leased by airlines, concessions, and other LVIA tenants require consent from the tenant prior to conducting media activities in these areas. The Public Information Officer will make every attempt to obtain permission for media access from our tenants when requested.

Security Screening Areas

The security checkpoint area is operated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The Public Information Officer must contact TSA Public Affairs to get approval granted for media access to the screening areas, equipment and / or TSA employees.

During any type of emergency situation or normal media coverage when a news crew is being dispatched to the Airport, the Public Information Office should be contacted to obtain the necessary information and instructions. Unless otherwise advised, news crews should contact PIO upon arrival to LVIA. The Airport reserves the right to refuse media access.

Emergency Response

During an emergency situation, the Public Information Officer will escort the media to the airport staging area or as close as possible to the emergency scene (TBD). Press conferences, briefings and interviews will be announced and at the staging area or nearby.

Under federal law, media must be escorted at all times while in the Air Operations Area by appropriate Airport personnel. Any violators will be subject to police action.

Note: Under federal law, media must be escorted at all times while in the Air Operations Area by appropriate Lehigh Valley International Airport personnel. Any violators will be subject to arrest and prosecution.The Airport Authority reserves the right to restrict media access at any location within the Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority airport system if public security, safety or operational concerns are justified.


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