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Passenger Traffic Rises Again Lehigh Valley International Airport

October 25th, 2016 |

Ten percent increase from last September

Allentown, PA – Summer travel is over, but the change of seasons hasn’t meant a fall in passenger traffic at Lehigh Valley International Airport. .

In September, over 58,000 passengers traveled through LVIA – that is a 10.2 percent increase from September of 2015.

Month             Passengers                  Percentage increase               Month             Passengers

Sept. ’16              58,906                                 10.2%                          Sept. ’15              53,474

“This is a positive sign that passengers are enjoying their customer experience which includes affordability, convenience, comfort and a family-friendly environment traveling through LVIA,” said Charles Everett, Executive Director, Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority. Last year, LVIA provided the highest quality of customer service for 673,505 passengers – a ten percent increase from 2014.

The LNAA maintains an upward trajectory in cargo operations at LVIA. Since the start of 2016, there has been a 249 percent rise in the amount of air cargo arriving and departing from the Lehigh Valley. According to the Department of Transportation, the average increase through July in air cargo operations across the country was three percent.


Month                Cargo (lbs.)                Percentage increase              Month                 Cargo (lbs.)

Jan-Sept. ’16      79,735,699                           249.0%                        Jan-Sept. ’15       22,847,996

“Average flights per day for air cargo at Lehigh Valley International Airport continue to increase which indicates opportunities for more growth and provides an additional revenue stream,” said Everett.

About LVIA:

Lehigh Valley International Airport is conveniently located near Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton, Pennsylvania. Allegiant Air, American, Delta and United have 10 nonstop destinations to both leisure destinations and major airline hubs with connections to the world. LVIA’s nonstop destinations include: Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Myrtle Beach (seasonal), Newark, Orlando, Punta Gorda and Tampa Bay. For more information on LNAA, visit or


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