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Major Surge in May Page Hero Image

Major Surge in May

Major Surge in May

June 16, 2021

71,512 passengers traveled safely through ABE last month 

(Hanover Township, PA) – Air travel has returned with a major surge of passenger traffic across the country, including at Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE).

71,512 passengers used ABE last month – a 445.6 percent increase from May 2020. 

“Industry experts predicted a resurgence, but the pace has certainly been faster than those projections. After all the impacts airports experienced during the pandemic, the heavy volume of passengers is a welcome sight to see,” said Thomas R. Stoudt, Executive Director, LNAA.

Month             Passengers                Percentage increase       Month              Passengers

May ’21               71,512                                 445.6%                   May ’20                13,107

By the numbers, Delta reported a massive passenger traffic increase of 3,793%, United jumped 2,106%, Allegiant moved up 283%, and American finished 245% ahead of last May.

Important for travelers: To ensure you don’t miss your flight, we advise all passengers departing between 5:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. to arrive at least 2 hours (industry standard) before their morning flight to ensure processing through the TSA checkpoint in enough time to reach your gate for on-time boarding. The TSA checkpoint opens at 3:30 a.m. daily.

“We are anticipating an extremely busy summer travel season over the next few months as airline capacity is back to pre-pandemic levels. Passengers should allow for extra time at the TSA Checkpoint when using ABE to the ensure a more enjoyable experience during this period of increased activity,” said Stoudt.

18,113,022 pounds of air cargo was processed through Lehigh Valley International Airport last month – a minimal decline of 15.34% from May 2020.

Month             CARGO (lbs)             Percentage decrease      Month              CARGO (lbs)

May ‘21            18,113,022                             15.34%                   May ’20             21,394,002