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ABE Flies By 2018 Traffic Total Page Hero Image

ABE Flies By 2018 Traffic Total

ABE Flies By 2018 Traffic Total

December 18, 2019

71,098 passengers choose their neighborhood airport in November

(Hanover Township, PA) – Expecting holiday travel to takeoff this week, Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE) has already flown past the 800,000 passenger mark for 2019 – marking a 26th consecutive month of positive growth.

Last month, 71,098 passengers traveled through ABE – a 2.43 percent increase from November ’18.

Month             Passengers                Percentage increase             Month             Passengers

Nov. ’19               71,098                                 2.43%                          Nov. ’18               69,414

“There’s certainly a high level of energy in the terminal which is always fun to experience as passengers are heading home for the holidays. The weather didn’t force as many cancellations as other regions have experienced, but several airlines have already adjusted their schedules for the winter season,” said Thomas R. Stoudt, Executive Director, Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority (LNAA).

By the numbers, Allegiant reported a passenger traffic increase of 28.9%, while American jumped 17.1%. Delta declined in traffic for the month by 5.9% and United experienced a sharp drop of 34%, due to a scheduled removal of one daily flight to Chicago (O’Hare).

“Even with a temporary reduction of service to Chicago – that typically happens as airlines prepare for unsettled weather in the Midwest – ABE still delivered a very strong month of traffic by Allegiant and American. We’re hoping that momentum carries us to the finish line of a memorable year,” said Stoudt.