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FAQ’s: Bus to EWR Page Hero Image

FAQ's: Bus to EWR

The answer to your questions about the United Airlines bus to Newark Airport from ABE!

I have a flight at EWR, am I able to take the bus from ABE?  If you book a ticket through United Airlines from ABE to EWR, you will have a ticket for the bus. If you just have a flight at EWR, you can take the Trans-Bridge bus directly to Newark from ABE. Click Here for the bus schedule.

Where do I go to get the United Bus?  Go to the Multimodal area on the first level of the Main Terminal.

How early should I be there? The minimum check-in time is 45 minutes.

What happens if I decide not to take the bus and drive to EWR? The flight reservation will be canceled if the bus segment is not taken as the system thinks you did not show up for your flight/bus.

Do I go through the security checkpoint at both ABE and EWR? No, you only go through the security checkpoint in EWR.

Will I have enough time once I get to Newark to make my flight? The bus and flight segments are built just like a flight-to-flight connecting segment. There is a minimum connect time placed on all segments when booking. You will only see the minimum connecting flights when booking.

What is the procedure for check-in? You must come to the United Airlines ticket counter at ABE to check in just as you would for a flight. The bus process will be explained during check-in.

Can I leave my car at ABE if I take the bus? Yes, you are able to park your car at ABE in either the long-term, short-term, or overflow lots.

Is the bus equipped to deal with handicapped passengers?  Is it wheelchair-accessible?  Is there a place to put my wheelchair until I get to EWR? The scheduled bus is not wheelchair accessible, and there is no place for a wheelchair on the bus to store or utilize for the trip. To set up wheelchair-accessible service, contact United Airlines at ABE at least 7 days prior to your trip.

What happens with check-in bags, carry-ons, and personal items? Checked bags are tagged and handled just like a flight. United Airlines tags them and maintains them at the ticket counter, and will be loaded on the bus prior to departure.

May I take food or a drink on the bus? Yes, food and drink are permitted.

Are any WIFI options useable on the bus? No, the bus does not have WIFI.

Do we tip the drivers? Tipping the driver is not necessary.

Where do they drop off and pick up at EWR? Drop-off at EWR is Terminal C, pick-up at EWR is currently gate 71Z, but is subject to change just like any other gate assignment.

Is it possible to set up for a wheelchair upon my arrival to EWR to take me to my gate? Yes, when checking in at the United Airlines ticket counter at ABE, it can be requested and entered in the system at that time for your arrival at EWR.

How long is the actual drive to EWR?  What happens if we get stuck in traffic and I miss my flight?  The drive to EWR is 1 hour 20 minutes. If you are stuck in traffic you will be rebooked just as if your flight is delayed due to air traffic.

Are pets allowed on the bus? Pets are not allowed on the bus, service animals only.

Children that are traveling with parents, are they allowed to have a car seat on the bus?  Are they required? If the child has a paid ticket a car seat can be used.  If the child is under 2 and a lap child, the child will be held on the parents lap.

Do I get reimbursed if my flight is late and I miss the bus?  Is United Airlines responsible to provide me transportation back to ABE? If the delay is United Airline’s controllable/liability yes, but if the delay is for weather, Air Traffic Controllers, etc. and out of United Airline’s control then no.  You would be rebooked on the next available bus.

What happens to my bags if I would decide not to take the bus back to ABE? The bags will be kept in the United Airlines office for customer pick up at ABE.

Why do they give the trip to Newark a flight number? The bus is operated just like a flight, which allows United Airlines to check passengers in providing boarding pass and bag tags to the final destination. states it is a bus when booking the ABE-EWR-ABE segments.

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