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Mission, Vision and Goals


As a customer – centric organization, we will operate our facilities safely and efficiently; grow and develop in an innovative, agile and competitive manner; and work closely with our stakeholders and partners to make our region the community of choice for business and residents.


To be the best regional airport system in North America.


  • Operate and maintain the Lehigh Valley Airport System consisting of Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE), Queen City Airport (XLL) and Braden Airpark (N43) in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Provide high quality facilities to meet the needs of commercial and general aviation, shippers and traveling public.
  • Ensure that the Airport Authority maintains a sound financial position to carry out its mission.
  • Pursue environmental initiatives that provide direct and measureable bene- fits to the Airport Authority and surrounding communities.
  • Maintain an effective community service / relations program.
  • Provide the highest level of customer service to all Lehigh Valley Airport System Users.
  • Cultivate long-standing and new relationships with local, state and federal officials strengthening the Airport Authority’s influence on issues that affects its operation and development.

Core Values

We believe in and rely on each other.

We are humble, engaged, self-aware and teachable.

We are honest, true to our word and do the right thing.

We treat others as we would like to be treated.

We strive to exceed customer expectations.

We are empowered and share a common purpose.

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