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Featured Opportunities

TSA Hallway Tension Fabric

At 135 sq. ft, these placements are large and in charge! All arriving and departing passengers proceed through this hallway. Jump at the chance to have your ad on one of our largest opportunities!

Restaurant Wall

What better way to showcase the Lehigh Valley’s amazing restaurant scene than in the local airport? Attract the locals as well as out of town visitors!

Located in the TSA Waiting Area, this placement is the heaviest trafficked part of the airport as all travelers pass through this area and where loved ones wait to greet their passengers.

Baggage Carousel advertising is a unique way to make a big impact! You have the opportunity to place graphics on all solid surfaces available.

ABE baggage carousels are adjacent to the rental cat counters and the Multi-Modal Transportation Center so you will capture many varieties of visitors and travelers!


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