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Welcome to LNAA’s Right-to-Know request center

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law of 2008, the following is the Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority’s (Authority) policy for requests for public records. All public records requests must be filed using the form below:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please provide as much detail about the requested records in order to accurately identify the correct information.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Open Records Officer

LNAA Open Records Officer
(610) 266-6000
[email protected]

Contact information for appeals

If a request is denied or deemed denied, the requester may file an appeal in writing to:

Liz Wagenseller
Executive Director Office of Open Records
333 Market Street
16th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101-2234

The Open Records Officer(s) will do the following upon receipt of your request for a public record:

Make note of when your information requested is received. Determine the appropriate response under the Right-to-Know law. Return a response to your information request within 7 business days.

The Authority may charge for the following fees with regard to a request for a public of document:

  1. The actual cost of postage.
  2. Fees for photocopying, printing from electronic media or microfilm, copying onto electronic media, transmission by fax or other electronic means, and other means of duplication. The Office of Open Records for the Commonwealth of PA has the option to establish fees for agencies such as the Authority, and if the Office of Open Records establishes such fees, then the Authority must charge fees based on those established by that Office.
  3. The Authority may impose reasonable fees for official certification for copies, if the certification is at the request of the requester and for the purpose of legally verifying the public record.
  4. If a record is only maintained electronically or in other non-paper media, duplication fees shall be limited to the lesser of the fees for duplication on paper or the fee for duplication in the original media, unless the requester specifically requests for the record to be duplicated in the more expensive median.
  5. Prior to granting a request for access to a public record, the Authority may require the requester to prepay an estimate of the fees authorized under the Law, if the fees required to fulfill the request are expected to exceed $100.00.