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Advisory: PDOH Travel Guidance. ABE does not currently have a COVID-19 testing site.

Sustainability at ABE!

Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority is committed to increase attention on our responsibility of protecting and cleaning up the environment.

Since March 2016, The Sustainability Committee has met monthly to develop ideas aimed at alerting staff, tenants and customers on ways they can cut airport waste and conserve resources. By recycling, the Authority can help save the Environment.

Did you know:

While the idea of recycling isn’t new to all three airports – ABE, Queen City and Braden Airpark – we have identified ways to make this process easier. Recycling cans (blue) and dumpsters are located at all facilities operated by the LNAA. Everyone is encouraged to utilize these single-stream recycling receptacles provided by Advanced Disposal in your area.


One common question is: How does single-stream recycling work?

Single-stream recycling refers to a system in which all paper, plastics, aluminum, glass and cardboard are co-mingled in a collection truck, instead of being sorted by the depositor into separate commodities. It’s one receptacle for all recycling.

Below is a list of recyclable items:
Flattened Cardboard   Magazines   Office Paper   Plastic Bottles   Glass Bottles   Aluminum Cans
Brown Paper Bags   Newspapers   Junk Mail   Paperboard   Steel Cans / Empty Aerosol Cans

Don’t throw them in the trash!  Make a difference by recycling!

Thanks to everyone for supporting the Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority Sustainability Program.