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Questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and travel? Here is the best resource!

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Preparedness / Response

The Airport Authority has been vigilant and proactive in our approach to maintain a healthy environment for all travelers, stakeholders, and staff. Our primary goal is to prevent transmission through disinfection of facilities, raising awareness of public health measures, and reducing the human to human transmission.

Below are the procedures implemented at ABE for COVID-19 prevention:

1) Hand sanitizers have been strategically placed and additional units have been ordered for deployment throughout the terminal complex at Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE).

2) LNAA custodial staff have increased their disinfection efforts in the following high traffic areas: door handles, escalator handrails, elevator controls, counter tops, paper towel / toilet paper dispensers, tables, chairs, vinyl seating, parking equipment, and ticket counter podiums.

3) LNAA has implemented personal protection equipment (PPE) in the following areas: passenger services counter, airline ticket counters, airline podiums, car rental counters, and concessionaires.

4) LNAA recommends passengers / customers wear masks when visiting or traveling through the terminal complex at ABE.

5) LNAA has implemented social distancing markers throughout the terminal complex and at the TSA Checkpoint. Please adhere to these

6) LNAA has confirmed through discussion with airline personnel that public facing equipment (including self check-in kiosks) is disinfected throughout the day.

7) LNAA has received guidance from TSA that passengers should wash / sanitize their hands before and after the checkpoint. Additionally, wallets, phones, and keys should be kept in carry-on baggage and not placed in a bin.

8) Signage outlining CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) best practices are located on digital monitors throughout the terminal complex, with additional static messaging in all restrooms and heavy public traffic areas.

9) LNAA distributed an internal email to all employees and airport stakeholders outlining best practices for cleaning public areas from the the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).