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Rapid COVID-19 Testing Center Available at ABE

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Rapid COVID-19 Testing Center at ABE

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15 Minute Results delivers drive-through on-site, rapid COVID-19 testing at Lehigh Valley International Airport for airport travelers and the local Lehigh Valley community.


Clients have access to FDA approved Antigen, Antibody and in the near future PCR COVID-19 testing with results delivered in under 15 minutes (for Antigen and Antibody) and 24 hours (PCR).  Results are reviewed by CLIA certified laboratory and securely delivered to the client’s cell phone via push notification.

No Appointment Necessary
Never Leave your Car
No Crowded Waiting Rooms

Testing services available for $85, payable by credit or debit card.

Our facility is touch free and tests are self administered. In order to be tested you must bring the following:
– Smartphone
– Credit or Debit Card
– Driver’s License or Government Issued Photo ID
(For clients over 16 years of age)


The following is a brief description of our entire process to deliver a high-quality rapid test experience:

  • Client arrives at location and is directed into the queue by a parking lot attendant.
  • Lot attendant provides client with a QR Code to begin onboarding.
  • Client opens the QR code on their own device and enters their personal information and answers a simple COVID-19 symptom questionnaire.
  • Technician arrives at the car window, confirms the identity of patient via Driver’s License or Government Issued Photo ID and creates a secure medical record for the patient on the 15 Minute Results platform.
  • Technician explains the testing process and confirms client’s willingness to participate.
  • Client administers self-test via nasal swab under supervision of technician and technician collects the sample.
  • Technician uploads sample through 15 Minute Results interface to CLIA certified lab.
  • Results are sent electronically via push notification to mobile device of client’s choosing in 15 minutes or less in PDF format.

15 Minute Results Center:
Address: 3311 Airport Road, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18109
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM, Saturday 9:00AM – 2:00PM

For more information please visit